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What You Say Matters! A Parent’s Guide What You Say Matters is a workbook designed to assist parents on this journey called life. Our children did not ask to be here and we have been assigned by God to nurture and provide for them. This book will help assist you in identifying the tools in which you already possess to bring you even closer to your children. You will be able to apply this 30-day guide to your daily routine with low to no cost activities while having fun, sharing knowledge and reflecting from within. What You Say Matters is a must-read for all parents of this generation and previous ones as well. 

Herlene Williams Ancar, MBA, HCM

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Community Leader Herlene Williams Ancar is a devoted wife (Michael) and mother of two beautiful daughters Olivia and Mariah. Herlene served in the United States Navy for eleven years. She is currently the Director of Education at Miller Motte College in Fayetteville North Carolina. Herlene is also the CEO and founder of WHATUSAY Productions. Herlene’s motto in life is “don’t talk about it let’s be about it!!!”


WHATUSAY is a movement derived from my orders from God to educate, encourage and empower the community. It is based on the belief that we (all people) have a responsibility to double our talents (Matthew 25:15-19). It is my understanding that you double your talents when you use it for God’s purpose. We are blessed with talents and must share and be productive with those talents. By doing so we are encouraging others to find or develop their talent. People are hungry and thirsty for a helping hand and if we have been blessed with a talent it is our responsibility to share with someone else so they can be blessed. (i.e. selling your books so they can be read, mentoring an aspiring author etc.) So I have been charged with creating events so that talented people will have an avenue to double their talents and people will see Christ outside of the church building!