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DreamSpire Publications was birthed through our commitment to provide a platform for emerging authors as well as seasoned writers.


DreamSpire Books is a member of the Spire Family which includes our online, digital and print on demand magazines A-Spire Magazine, focusing on Arts & Entertainment, EM-Spire Magazine for Entrepreneurs and Motivators, and DreamSpire TV an online streaming platform with shows featuring all of our platforms. DreamSpire Books- DreamSpire Publication is our online bookstore with more than 200 titles. We have sponsored author spotlights along with our premier show, "The Author’s Tea TV". An opportunity for authors to share their stories in a virtual fireside chat setting. 

  • We have over a 200 titles in our online store book directories that are found here and online in each of the publications.


  • We bring you interviews with Best Selling renown authors.


  • We also have sponsored opportunities that include author spotlights in all our publications, interview opportunities online and guest spots on the"The Author’s Tea TV show. Where authors share with audiences the story behind the story in a virtual fireside chat setting.

Our goal is to give you multiple resources and opportunities to connect with your audience.

Book lovers will find a new home to discover great authors. 

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