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If you had one message to get out to the world through your poetry what is that message? Be Be yourself. The greatest thing in this life you will ever be, is yourself.

Jon Goode con't.


  When did you start writing poetry?


The first poems I ever wrote were in college and were about either being very frustrated with racial issues at the school, or being crazy about a young lady I was kind of dating at the time. I think most poems, and art for that matter, are born from extreme emotion. Extremely happy. Extremely sad. Extremely depressed. Extremely in love. And so forth and so on. I had no thought of performing or even writing more poems at the time. I wrote my first performance poem while working as an accounts receivable clerk for, what was at the time, the biggest equipment finance corporation in North America. Poetry more found me than I found it. I was dragged to an open mic by my co-worker and good friend Veronica Robinson. I think my statement to her was “I can't think of anything I rather do less than listen to people recite poetry.” I went reluctantly and it turned out to be the most transformative night of my life.


  You’re having an amazing career. If you could name just one thing that has brought you the most pride what stands out? Many moons ago when I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to perform on HBO's Def Poetry Jam, I performed the poem Barbara. Barbara is named after, and inspired by, my mother. When my mother saw the HBO airing and then walked around telling everyone, “Did you see my son on TV? That poem was about me,” her joy and pride gave me tremendous joy and pride.



   You have the perfect name, but If you had a poetry name what would it be?  HAHAHA! Excellent question. I have no idea. Perhaps, being from Richmond, Virginia Slim would be a good moniker. Onomatopoeia is one of my favorite words and that might be a worthy nom de plume. However most people pronounce it like On-ah-mon-ah-pee-ah, which sounds like I'm saying, I urinate on men, in a Jamaican patois. So on second thought that might not be the best. I'll probably have to ride this Jon Goode name out and see where it takes me.



 What’s next for you? Currently I'm writing for a live sketch comedy show with the production/acting team of Critical Crop Top. I'm also working with a few wonderful creative directors to bring their visions to life for private and corporate events and galas. I have also for the last year been the host of, The Most Story Slam Atlanta, at Dad's Garage. I'm writing a novel entitled Khalas, a novella entitled Mydas and as always I'm scribbling poems.

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 We ask all our poets to write a Haiku on any subject they desire.


How scared are they of

us that they must still handcuff

us, as we lay dead.


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